Meet The Team: George Rose

George Rose's Playlist


These are the 5 songs which has shaped our team members life to make us want to write about great music

Track of your childhood


Oasis: What's the story morning glory

Every time I listen to What's the story morning glory it transports me to another world.

Teen Track


The Smiths: 

In my opinion The Smiths said something to me in my teens, it made me feel like i was on top of the world. 

Favourite Band: Nirvana


Nirvana: In Bloom

Nirvana revolutionised the music industry and music scene in the 90's like no other band. 

Guilty Pleasure: Shakira


Shakira: She Wolf

I totally believe that Shakira is a underrated artists now a days, she deserves more respect for her music. 

New sound you need to hear



Asylums are a band from Southend-on-Sea, their absolutely incredible and in an ideal world they should be the biggest band in the country.

Meet The Team: Jimmy Rock

Jimmy Rock's Playlist


 These are the 5 songs which has shaped our team members life to make us want to write about great music 

Track of your childhood


 Beatles- Strawberry Fields Forever  

 Back in the good old days when cars only had tape players, my dad only ever seemed to have a Beatles Greatest hits one to play. We used to drive to stay with my grandparents in Suffolk listening to it and Strawberry Fields has always made me think of those times and was probably my first introduction to proper music- not a bad place to start. 

Teen Track



Papa Roach- Last Resort

It had to be some objectively dire (but I love it anyway) Nu-Metal from an awkward kid who had badly grown long hair and a Linkin Park hoody at least five sized too big. Could have easily been Limp Bizkit and this isn't even my favourite Papa Roach song but it has to be the one that takes me back to that time.  

Favorite band


 Nine Inch Nails- March of the Pigs

Again not my favourite Nine Inch Nails song but the one that sums up the sound best. It has that fragile balance between beauty and brutality, where piano is eaten by distortion. Is highly musical and out and out noise, all in the same song and that it one of the things I love about Nine Inch Nails and why they are my favourite band.

Guilty Pleasure


 James Blunt- High

To be honest I'm not even at all guilty about this, no matter how much the world might want me to be. People just need to accept the indisputable fact that  James Blunt's first two albums are amazing and High is one of the best tracks. I will though accept any arguments that suggest that his last album should be described in terms that rhymes with hog spite.

New Sound you need to hear



Courtney Marie Andrews- Table for One

Ok, I'll admit that this one came out in 2016 and Courtney Marie Andrews has been about even longer than that but... on the basis that I consider music made after 2005 to be new and that I think not enough people have heard of this fantastic country singer, then I really think that this is a truly beautiful song to go out and listen too. 

Meet the team: Writer Matt Nicholson

Matt Nicholson's playlist


 These are the 5 songs which has shaped our team members life to make us want to write about great music. 

Track of your childhood


Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody

Like so many young boys, Queen were one of my first musical loves.

This song blew my mind before overkill kicked in.

Teen Track


Blur: Lucky

This song manages to be both emotional and intelligent.

I think everything from the lyrics to the guitar breaks is perfection. The best moment in Blur's monumental back catalog.

Favorite band


Radiohead: Lucky 

Radiohead are constantly challenging and changing but always brilliant.

I've been lucky to follow their enthralling career and see them five times.

Guilty Pleasure


George Harrison: Let it Down

Probably a controversial choice for this category really as he was the coolest Beatle.

In my opinion, "All Things Must Pass" is the greatest solo Beatles album filled with gems stored up for years. 

New Sound you need to hear


This is the Kit: Hotter Colder

They are a brilliant, experimental, folky, Bristol band led by Kate Stables. 

Meet the team: Writer Kess ANthony

Kess Anthony Playlist


These are the 5 songs which has shaped our team members life to make us want to write about great music.

Track of your childhood


Status Quo: In the army now

Status Quo was the soundtrack played all day everyday by my gran when i was a child.

Teen Track


Silverchair: Freak 

Silverchair opened my eyes to music which shocked my mind and introduced me to how a guitar should be played. 

Favorite band


Editors: Sugar

I can't explain how much i love the sound which Editors produce, i know the words to every song.

I also can't stop buying tickets to their gigs.

Guilty Pleasure


Kate Bush: Running up that hill

No other worlds than unbelievable talent.

New Sound you need to hear


October Drift: Cherry Red

I can never stop telling people how excited i am about this band, their unbelievable live and their records are fantastic.