The Taboos Single Review

Track Title: No Miracles


This three piece band, The Taboos, from East London have created a mountain of new material recently with two quality singles released before their latest material ‘No Miracles’. They needed a little miracle of their own to create something better than ‘Criminal’ and ‘2004’ and they have found the right blend to create some extra special. 

You have to love the quality of the artwork for this single cover, if you haven’t seen it yet it’s worth a look. The Taboos have developed a great amount of experience by supporting bands like Toploader and Scouting for Girls, this has allowed them to test out their alternative rock/ indie style and perfect the sound they want to emanate on record. 

Wishing for a miracle during a relationship on its last legs and hoping the person who used to laugh at your jokes who now doesn’t even afford you a roll of their eyes. When you have an argument it is agony and that is exactly what The Taboos manage to portray when you hear the twisting pain from the lyrics trying to convince a partner to stay in the relationship they would do anything to escape from.

What makes this an even more compelling listen is the sounds that back up the lyrics which bangs out the story, ‘No Miracles’ has spiky guitar riffs and guitar solos which scream out and want to take over the track, the vocals are smooth with a classy rhyme throughout the song and the harmonies give the record an extra layer.

If you want a track to add to your playlist which has great energy driven by a guitar hammering riffs here, there and everywhere and a polished sound that will keep you pressing the repeat button then this is your indie song.

4 out of 5 hooks

Written Kess Anthony