The Silver Lines Single Review

Track Title: Fallen Idol


The silver lines are a young band, just starting their trade. Formed in Manchester in January 2018, they set off at a fast pace and have been picking up fans with ease with their style of the 60’s powerhouse Rock and Roll.

This track, Fallen Idols, is the band’s welcome to 2020, Dan (Vocals), the two Joe’s (lead guitar and bass) and Kindo (Drums) are moulding their own sound out of the influences of bands like the Kinks and Rolling stones who have made an impression on all of these lads.

The track itself starts off with a fun carefree vibe which is interesting and easy to get into, then pummelling guitar riffs and notes are added, the perfect arrangement for Dan’s Indie Rock swagger vocals to take centre stage and show off for everyone who is listening. You can’t help but be altered to the confidence this band has already developed, it reminds us of the appeal that the many can’t get enough of and be so successful for new bands like Sports Team. 

Half way through the record the willingness to experience this sound and open the soul tones like the Primal Scream used to enjoy. Our only recommendation is the level changes within the record can be more dramatic and forceful, something the band are certainly capable of.

All in all, this is a good track to start the year and from this record we’re confident The Silver Lines have so much more in their locker and we’re excited to see what they have for us this year.

3.5 Hooks out of 5

Written By Kess Anthony