The Pale White Gig Review 15/09/19

Venue: Moles Club Bath

  The Pale White must have been brimming with confidence going into Sunday’s gig at Moles, Bath, it wasn’t the fact that it was a sunny and warm evening which would get most people in the mood for live music, but that when we arrived at the door we were informed that for a Sunday night the venue had sold an impressive number of pre-ordered tickets.

The crowd tonight was a mix of ages showing the wide range of appeal this likeable band from Newcastle-on-Tyne have. The excitement from the younger members of the crowd was particularly apparent, there is clearly no better way to start off your university year off than popping down to Moles and sampling some of the best emerging talent Britain has to offer.

The Pale White have displayed their star potential all the way through 2019 and tonight that star burnt bright, as the lads rocked and shaked the venue for over an hour showing off their ever expanding back catalogue. One gig goer summerised it brilliantly as they left, “they were fucking amazing tonight”.

Adam, Jack and Tom are a tight knit three piece rock band that layer each others performance, Jack’s drumming style is worth the price of a ticket alone it’s hard not to take your eyes off his manic drumming. Right out the gate The Pale Whites meant business, there was no stopping for a breath just smashing out track after track. In the opening few songs there were some noticeable trademark records with ‘Piece of mind’ really getting the gig going.

This was the first time for the band dripping their toes in the city of Bath and we got a taste of a few new tracks to mark the occasion, the heat was rising when half way through the set the band delivered ‘The Future is mine’ and then the dancing got started when Adam, Jack and Tom brought some high speed jamming after the track ‘Nothing lasts forever’. The biggest reaction from the crowd was at the end of the set when ‘Medicine’ rang out around the walls of Moles and no feet where left on the floor due to consistent jumping in time with the beat.

On Video finished their tour with The Pale White, having spent the last five nights supporting them and seemed to use all that experience to good effect tonight as they brought down the curtain to their part of the tour. What you get from On Video is fun, cheekiness, with good energy and tempo which runs through the whole of their Indie rock, sound.

First on tonight were Bath’s every own Luna Lake, they sent a floating sound into the crowd as we stood and listened to the raspy classy tones of the lead singer who has a touch of a young Paolo Nutini before he let his fame get to his head. The new material at the end of the bands set shows real promise that there is so much more to come from this band in the future.

Written by Kess Anthony