The Lookout Service Single Review: Say You’ll Stay

Realese Date: 8th November 2019


The Lookout Service haven’t been around for too long, forming in the early part of 2019, but they’ve been making waves and learning their trade the hard and honest way by gigging in their local area of Toronto, Canada. We here at Off the Hook Music really appreciate a band who are willing to learn on the road and then bring the experience to a record.

‘Say You’ll Stay’ is the band’s debut single which aims to set the tone for what people should expect from The Lookout Service. So Stergios Kalochoridis (vocals and rhythm guitar), Fernando Santana (Lead Guitar and backing vocals), Christopher Power (Bass) and Jason Does (Drums) have made a wise decision by enlisting the knowledge of Multi Juno award winning producer Calvin Hartwick from Dreamhouse Studios to work on this record, the partnership has worked because the sound the band evoke is strong and raw rock.

There is a touch of early Red Hot Chilli Peppers in the tones of The Lookout Service, a great influence to have. When the track starts it instantly explodes with energy from every member of the band, the guitars set the scene wonderfully for the dirty indie rock vocals from Stergios. He stamps his mud soaked feet all over the beginning of the record and doesn’t stop demanding attention all the way through the song.

The way The Lookout Service layers their track is reminiscent of how Catfish and the Bottlemen establish and construct their work, but the band has their own identity rooted throughout this record with segments of really interesting guitar riffs and solos.

For a band so young and raw this single has a thumbs up in all areas! It’s a statement that The Lookout Service are heading in the right direction and there is no reason why they should change course, full steam ahead boys and don’t look back!

3.5 Hooks out of 5

Written by Kess Anthony