Joshua Kinghorn EP review: Bits and Pieces

Release Date: 16th August 2019

Joshua Kinghorn has been very busy, juggling between his final year studies at the university of Gloucestershire and putting pen to paper to write and produce his debut EP, ‘Bits and Pieces’. For anyone that hasn’t seen Joshua play live the first thing you notice is his incredible beard, the second his incredible talent.

Joshua starts with a strong statement of intent in the track ‘Love you (but not enough)’ it is a free flowing and folky which instantly makes you feel completely at ease and happy. This is a genuine love song with twists and turns of an interesting story which draws you in to find out what unfolds, it is always admirable for an artist to lay themselves bare and just let the voice and guitar do the talking.

Followed by ‘Party Queen’ which is short and spiky with a hit of adrenaline, it’s a proper rock theme compared to the previous track and has a number of tempo changes which leaves you guessing where the record will go next. 

Thats answered by ‘She’s a fury’ which is just a bit of an oddity, it starts with a chat between two mates, which does grab your attention, before bursting into song but the bulk of the song lacks tempo and the impressive rawness of the first two songs.

The final turn of the EP is ‘Fall of Driudian’, it is a haunting raw display of celtic gothic vocals with honestly blended harmonies. This is a charming song which is surprisingly became my highlight of the EP. The flute playing added an authentic stamp of Joshua’s unique sound.

Overall Joshua Kinghorn’s debut EP, Bits and Pieces, is exactly that bits and pieces of music that display of his wide range and talents. With such variety you’ll never be able to please everyone but there are certainly elements in this record that I can’t wait to hear as they develop! 

Written by Kess Anthony 

3 out of 5 Hooks