Terror Bird Single Review

Track Title : Feel like love

Terror Bird also known as Nikki Nevver, is a singer songwriter from Vancouver, Canada. She is known for her 80’s style sounds, this track has stripped back to deliver an intriguing record which poses the question of if it feels like love, is it really, the real thing!

The immediate feeling you get when pressing play on this track ‘Feel like love’ is an honest and intentionally minimalist record, which has an absorbing steady tone that provides a foundation for the lyrics to take centre stage. With a dominating piano notes added to the scene of haunting soft vocals filled with the torture of an story of a ill fated relationship with a man who has no intention of falling in love with the other person in the relationship.

If you want a record which paints a picture that can be very relatable with a laid bare raw track which would find its place alongside Kate Bush and Lana Del Rey in a playlist then this is the track for you.

3.5 Hooks out of 5

Written by Kess Anthony