Sports Team Gig Review 18/11/19

Venue: Thekla, Bristol


On a wintery feeling November night, the expectant crowd of Sports Team fans stood under the fairy lights outside Thekla in a queue stretching far beyond the length of the boat's hull waiting for it’s doors to open. The otherwise glorious sight was only marred by a few unscrupulous ticket touts trying to sell their fakes, giving us a gentle reminder to always buy our from respected sellers.

Sports Team are burgeoning with excitement, having just returned from America. There is a massive hype around them, and you can’t afford to miss them when they appear next near you! 

The fans were practically falling over each other to pre-order the band’s album and ‘seed tin’, which is due out next year, and judging by this performance we would expect to see that album hit the top end of the charts, and possibly claim a Mercury Prize nomination as well! 

Robbie William’s ‘Let me entertain you’ blared out when the band entered the stage, then like being in a Sports arena a bellowing chant of Sports Team roared back from the crowd when they saw the first sight of the band. Believe the hype people from the first song to the last Sports Team are amazing in so many ways. Thelka went absolutely mad with every member of the crowd transfixed to a mass wave of energy from the stage, when watching the faces of the crowd they feel connected to this band in a very personal way. Sports Team are more than a band, they are a counterculture of happy and youthful faces with their own style and identity, which people really want to be a part of!

The band have developed records that are designed for live performances, they are confident, cocky, and raw! Their style of confrontational indie rock punches through the wall and provides a beat that bounces a crowd up and down for 45 minutes without taking a breath. 

Alex Rice is delicious as a frontman, he leans over the crowd purring out his rustic identifiable voice and it is so hard to take your eyes off of him dancing and strutting around the stage in his Mick Jagger-esque style way. Then at the end of the gig he found himself surfing over the crowd in a hot bed of adoring fans. 

After the first night of their tour, Sports Team have hit the ground running and are a must see, if you are able to get your hands on any remaining tickets! Sports Team are incredibly special and we here at Off the Hook Music believe that they will have a big 2020!

An honourable mention to Alfie Templemen who started the evenings gig, he and his band brought their groovy indie sounds which lit up the party atmosphere, it was fun and massively enjoyable!

Written by Kess Anthony