Sinclair Single Review: Breathe

Release Date: Friday 18th October 2019

 On the 18th of October Sinclair release their new track ‘Breathe’ coming straight off the back of the track ‘Prada Glow’, which we declared as a near perfect effort and shows great signs of what to come, so this track has a lot to live up to from the Bristol based band.

Sinclair are developing a fine foundation of Indie-Rock-Pop, now they are releasing new material quick on the heels of Prada Glow there will be calls coming out asking for an EP for this collection of songs and we’ll be amongst the people wanting to see this happen.

‘Breathe’ has a slick confident vocal performance at the start showcasing Liv Weston’s stamping her development as a strong lead singer as the lyrics take centre stage within the song, there are multiple layers which allows the instruments to blend nicely together.

‘Breathe’ would find a home played at a Rock-Indie gig or on the dancefloor in a club with a strong chorus, that exudes an ever increasing tempo for people to lose themselves too.

Sinclair have definitely gone down a road where they can establish a sound that fans and future listeners can get behind, after this track ‘Breathe’ we at Off the Hook Music will continue to follow this band closely as they have a very bright future.

4 Hooks out of 5

Written by Kess Anthony

Photo Source: @dominika_scheibinger