Scenic Route to Alaska Single Review:

Track Title: Give A Little

 We’ve had to wait a little while for this new single from Scenic Route to Alaska’s new material but after an 18 months wait, Trevor Mann, Shea Connor, and Murray Wood have produced ‘Give a little’ a track which they have said is “a truer representation of what we do when we get together and make music”.

After relentlessly touring North American, Europe, and Australia, as well as past releases; 2016’s Long walk home and 2018’s Tough Luck, you get the sense that all this experience has allowed the band to evolve and explore new directions to allow this track to be more organic and unfiltered.

When listening to ‘Give a little’, the thumping start which marries so well together of the smooth instrumental tones and the soft vocals that highlights the easy listen this track will become with it’s indie vibes pulsing to your ear drums.

The sound of this track is very polished, you get a sense that Scenic Route to Alaska has grasped how to use layers within their sound, they effortlessly glide into their verses where the lyrics are easy to remember and very catchy.

This is a track which fits into every occasion and at the end of the track you got to love a bit of the soft indie rock fade away. The 18 months wait was well worth it if Scenic Route to Alaska can back up the time away with a track as good as Give a Little, a great present at the end of the year for your music playlist.

4.5 Hook out of 5

Written by Kess Anthony