Ruzz Guitar's Blues Revue Album Review

Album Title: Live at The Louisiana

In front of a packed crowd at The Louisiana, Bristol in 2019 Ruzz Guitar Blues Revue took the massively brave decision to record a live album. After three previous successful albums which have gained fans in the UK and US, the band felt it was perfect timing to dip their toes into new waters. 

This Soul, Blues, Rock and Roll band then sent off their electric live sound to be mixed, mastered and produced by Mat Sampson of Bink Bonk Studio. Ruzz and the band live and breathe for the live atmosphere their music produces, and it’s no wonder that they wanted to entice new listeners to a in with this Rock and Roll, Jazz sound.

You get a hint of excitement within the soul music on the album and at the same time an acknowledgement to the old flair that inspired the band from the musicians of the past like the great late hero BB King. Like opening a treasure trove the rich gold sounds of the flashy guitar playing with the soulful, rock and roll bounds out from the opening song Hold It, the keys throughout the album is a highlight that rings together a sound of music blended in a special way.

‘Moving On’ Ruzz Guitar Blues Revue first original track washes over you with a current of being massively relevant to a modern sound and produced into a more purposeful package than the tracks which have been before it on the album. As a listener it warms your heart when you can feel when a band is enjoying their musical identity and showing off what they can do, with this band you get a sense of togetherness which produces high quality layers of instrumental expression.

The best track on the album for Off the Hook Music is ‘Sleepwalk’, slowed down beats and a nudge of thoughtfulness of being in a wonderful dream you don’t want to wake up from, it is positioned in a timely surprise midway through the album. It’s just a shame that there wasn’t more of the crowd showing their appreciation between songs at the gig, because this would have made the experience of listening to the album more authentic as an expression of live atmospheric moment in time..

3.5 Hooks out of 5

Written By Kess Anthony