Red Rum Club Single Review

Track Title: Kids Addicted

  Release Date: 27th September 2019 

The massively likable and fun six piece band from Liverpool, Red Rum Club, are back following up from their successful album Matador which rode high in the official vinyl album Charts earlier this year. When you have a sound which is established with a lot of fans every new track is really important to keep the momentum going, but Red Rum Club do not need to worry because ‘Kids Addicted’ has a new flare, which can only happen after Red Rum Club cashed in a bag full of confidence after an impressive showing at this years Glastonbury Festival, which ended with the band having their track ‘Would You Rather Be Lonely’ loudly sang back to them.

‘Kids Addicted’ blazes to a start with the trademark energy provided by Joe’s trumpet smashing out a tune. You can only feel after ‘Matador’ Red Rum Club have developed their sound and by gosh has it matured into a sound with so much promise.

 The band fully understand the need to have a big chorus which stands out and Fran delivers this within ‘Kids Addicted’, there will be an air of excitement around Red Rum Club after this track to what else will come before another album full of catchy records.

4 Hooks out of 5

Written By Kess Anthony

Photo source: Andrew Cooper