Pompadour EP Review

EP Title: Cut to the Chase Release Date: 15/11/19


Pompadour were a hidden gem which shined brightly as a support act for Annabel Allum, when we saw them at Moles Club, Bath, bath in September. Since then they have been very busy producing new material for everyone to get behind, after successful single releases they now present their debut EP ‘Cut to the chase’, which contains five bug indie tracks.

Having formed in the beginnings of 2018, Pompadour, as a band are still in early days but this makes it very exciting to be able to watch them grow and find their identity. Tamsin Sayers (Vocals), Toby Holbrook (drums), and Kearney Day (Guitar) started as a group of college friends that thought it would be a good idea to combine their musical talents into a band, and here is our thoughts on their work so far.

First of the five original tracks which were produced, mixed, and mastered in the Bath Spa Recording Studio by Tom Cory is ‘Blame Your Predecessor’, this track has a banging rock style guitar riffs that scream out, this is the right way to start your debut EP. The vocals have confidence from the start which allows the lyrics to sink in, like a good fast roller coaster this track has a load of tempo changes that rise high and low, so grab hold of your hat because like us here at Off the Hook Music we’re sure you will want to go again.

There’s no need to be told why ‘Point Blank’ was chosen as a single in October, the song has big indie vibes running right through the track from start to finish. The energy which pours out of the verses are perfect to lose yourself to, and feel free to head bang away.

‘Enigma’ and ‘Veronica’ are a slight change of direction for Pompadour, the records are a little slower in tempo and this allows the vocals take front of stage, because of this change in rhythm Tasmin’s vocals becomes a highlight which is a bright light shining and pointing at her.

‘Catch me if you can’ has a great drum beat at its heart. All the way through this song, and the rest of the EP, Pompadour shows of its skills in delivering big guitar sounds and catchy verses! Like gentry bringing out their fine china for fine guests, Pomadour brings out their fine talents for their fine listeners. They are a band well worth supporting and getting behind because based on what we have heard so far, they are only going to get bigger and bigger, and who doesn’t like to occasionally indulge in a bit of “I knew them before they were big”.

4 Hooks out of 5

Wrtiten by Kess Anthony