Pip Blom Gig Review

Venue: Thekla, Bristol



Pip Blom sailed into Bristol on their European (and UK) tour on a wet Monday evening. The venue, Thekla was sold out before the night showing the amount of support the band already has here. We couldn’t help but turn up to review the nights gig after watching Pip Blom opening the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury festival this summer, on that Friday mid-morning there was clear promise that this band has an impressive live sound which we thought would be even better in a more intimate environment, and we were happily proven right.

You’ve got to love the irony of being on a boat in the middle of Bristol when Pip Blom’s debut album is called ‘Boat’ which brought them to the Thelka tonight, what you have to be delighted about even more is the fact that Mother Blom made a special guest appearance on the mech table with wooden boats available for you to buy. 

There is nothing which this writer can not like about this band, Pip Blom have style and know how to construct a record which is made for live shows, they build up to a chorus which demands a response from the crowd and they certainly do get a response. From the fourth song onwards a moshing dance floor took over the venue which added to everyone’s night. In the air you could taste the party atmosphere, the stage was full of energy and pink flamingos lit up by pink neon lights which was also a visual spectacle.

Pip and Tender Blom’s vocals blend really well together and gives the records the band produce a real contrast of sounds, which is just reinforced by Darek Mercks bass notes which provide the songs the strong sounding foundations it deserves. It’s not untill you find yourself halfway through Pip Blom’s set that you realise how many bangers the band has in their locker, Gini Cameron’s drumming style is like an art form which you can’t help but be absorbed into during some tracks. All In all, Pip Blom delivered in a big way tonight and reaffirmed what we through back in the summer, this is a band you need to add to your must watch list.

Opening the show tonight was Personal Trainer, firstly you become aware of the sheer size of this band with 8 members adding to the sound on stage tonight and after a bit of a wait for them to appear we can say it was well worth the wait. Frantic and fun are the key words to express when reporting on Personal Trainer, the energy on stage was infectious and it rippled into the crowd. At the end of the bands set we witnessed the effects of this ripple as gig goers turned to their friends and stating the band were freaking amazing and then following Personal Trainer on their Spotify apps.

If I had to sign up to joining any band, after tonight this would be an easy question to answer, it would be this band. Why because they sound great, they used every instrument available to them and I’m sure they used instruments which aren’t meant to be present in any song but they managed to perfectly fit these sounds into the records with ease. We also witnessed what can only be labelled as New Age Bez (Happy Mondays) Dancing and don’t feel alone to wanting to sign up for a class, again like Pip Blom add this band to that list of bands you need to see as both Pip Blom and Personal Trainer made this evening a night that will live long in our memory.

Date of Gig:14/10/19

Written By Kess Anthony