Single Review

Title Track: Heavens Rain


The start of 2020 has brought about a second offering from Pete Smith & The Troublemakers, the four piece from Dundee has not been around for long as they formed in mid 2019 and this shows the band has been busy with their output and gaining their own sound.

With a beautiful beginning which is fitting for the name of the track ‘Heavens Rain’, there is a mellow relaxing feel that aligns itself to the soft tones of Pete Smith’s voice, which is completely honest and rustic. There is a hint of the quality and blend of Kyle Falconer within Pete’s voice and that’s no bad thing for anyone.

During the first 2 minutes you become obsessed with the calm tones and private love song feel of the track, but then bang, there is an explosion of spice coated all over the record. Like a bulldozer smashing down walls to start a new chapter, this song has a completely different feel with electric guitar replacing the acoustic feel.

You do get a feeling that maybe the dynamic rock sound should have appeared 30 seconds earlier, as this change in style makes this track a cracker. This is where I feel the band needs to go with their next offering and their future looks bright and not damp with rain.

3.5 Hooks out of 5

Written by Kess Anthony