Perfect Parachute Picture Album review

Album Title: No Modern Desire


Perfect Parachute Picture are a dual fronted band composed of Edward James on Bass, and Kyle Ernst playing Drums and lead vocals. This kind of combination has worked well for bands like Slaves, and will give Perfect Parachute Picture confidence that they could be on to a winning combination. With a hearty British garage rock sound, they have been prolific over the last few months releasing singles to wet the appetite and now it is time for the main course, their album. 

The singles, ‘Holy Rain’ and ‘The Hold’ are banging tracks and have found a place within the album. The latest of which ‘The Hold’ has the task of opening this record and it acts as a warm up of the tracks to come. It provides you with an instant insight of what Perfect Parachute Picture has to offer as a band, it’s radio friendly rock pop with smooth vocals and strong deliberate bass notes timed with a steady energetic tempo. 

‘Cigarettes’ is the perfect follow on and continues on all the good elements of the previous song, during the track we got a realisation that Kyle has a touch of American Rejects tone in his voice. Then a track with a much faster pace than the songs before it on the album, ‘Holy Rain’ has real depth and an easy flow, Kyle’s vocals take centre stage and demands attention from the listener.

Yes, Yes, Yes we love the track ‘Gold, Ash, and Wire’ it’s fresh, it’s current, and it’s fun. A track which would set a live performance on fire and an easy listen on record. It continues with the softer layers of tracks like ‘Holy Rain’ after the band had explored dark, heavier bass note in the ‘You’ve Got me Failing.’

Perfect Parachutes Picture explore a wide range of different styles within this album, you can’t help yourself feeling that Kyle and Edward need to harness the Pop Rock sound which they have developed during tracks like ‘Holy Rain’ and ‘Gold, Ash, and Wire’. Perfect Parachute Picture have made some golden sounds during this record and you get the feeling that their still developing their unique sound but it’s not far away from being a complete identity.

3 out of 5 Hooks 

Written by Kess Anthony