Pentire Single Review

Track Title: Take it Away


Pentire are an exciting new band who have formed and started to learn their trade in the South West of England. Now at the end of 2019 they have had an opportunity to get out a record for their fans to grab hold of before the lads set off on a list of festival slots and gigs in the South West during the new year.

‘Take it Away’ is very expressive, it paints the picture of being totally obsessed with someone who isn’t the person you need in your life. The band might be obsessed with a negative impact on their wellbeing but this track will bring a positive one to your music playlist.

‘Take it Away’ has a silky beginning that gentle flows throughout the record and allows layers of interesting sound to build up within the song, this young band has managed to bring out high tempo within sections and smashes through with catchy lyrics that makes this song a really good listen.

3 Hooks out of 5

Written by Kess Anthony