Penny Betts EP Review

EP Title: Penny Betts


Penny Betts have released their debut self titled EP, a clear statement of having arrived on the music scene. The Surrey based indie rock band have produced a record with heartfelt song writing and hypnotic melodies that just pour out.

Whilst Grime and manufactured pop are conquering the charts, the current underground scene is churning out loads of unique performers and bands that are the antithesis of the likes of Little Mix and Stormzy, and Penny Betts is one of those bands.

Penny Betts look and sound like they’ve just stepped off a time machine from the 1960’s. Listening to their songs is like being on an Acid trip, and the other unique thing about them is that their tracks have no meaning whatsoever but just a pure enjoyable sound. They’re not power ballads, they’re not political and they’re certainly aren’t rock operas but what they are is energised indie. 

In a nutshell, Penny Betts have what it takes to become superstars. Their songs are absolutely breath-taking for this reviewer, if they play their cards right, they could become the next Guns N Roses or The Who with a modern-day twist. Only time will tell.

4 Hooks out of 5

Written By George Rose