Venue of the Year 2019

Venue: Moles Club, Bath

With a rich history Moles Club is a Icon in the UK music scene, this year the venue has had an amazing year. Artist's have come far and wide to entertain the good people of the south west, they've all preformed for a very reasonable price. 

For anyone who has been able to step inside Moles Club they get confronted with a Wall of Fame, this year artists like The Pale Whites, October Drift, Red Rum Club, Annabel Allum and Soeur have stated their claim to have their names inked on the walls next to Radiohead, Blur and Idles.

We can't wait for next year to see what new bands make their way to Bath and show us their musical talents.


2019 Festival Moment of the year

Artist: Idles

If there was ever a better time for people to give a message of hope, gratitude to our fellow humans some call them foreigners, the importance of the NHS and the need for openly talking about mental health and addiction then I don't know when better will be. But the beauty of the Idles is the way they deliver this message through a identifiable emotion which everyone can understand, as the language is in context with what we can all feel during our lives. So thank you 

Stage: Park Stage at Glastonbury

Off the Hook Music 2019 Single of the Year

Artist: King Nun

The Track: Black Tree

So unbelievably amazing. A track which is equality haunting, full of energy, thumping sound and lyrics which draws you in.

Black Tree is the best track you will hear all year. 


2019 Gig of the year

Artist: October Drift

An unbelievable gig was delivered by October Drift in early May as part of the Thekla's birthday bash.   

The atmosphere was electric in The Thekla as October Drift sold out the venue, October Drift delivers a full energy experience each and every time they step on stage. But on this night the energy was at a different level and it rippled through the crowd.

Watch out in January as this exciting band releases their debut Album Forever Whatever, if you haven't pre ordered the album yet we recommend you treat yourself.

Venue: Thekla, Bristol


Album of the Year

Artist: The Mute Group

The Mute Group met and live in Nashville, Tennessee, the band are made up of John Westberry, Ryan LaFave, Zachary Gresham, and Amy Gill. They have produced a sound which is so unusual and obscure, thats is nothing short of brilliant. They describe their sound as ‘music that skews less vintage than ancient, medieval geologic. These are songs that might just as easily ward off the evil eye as entertain.’ This is a band which you can share with your friends and they will marvel in your well rounded musical appreciation while thanking you in the process.

The Mute Group has done what many bands have failed to do, they have maintained their unique sound from the first track to the last and that is what makes you happy that you have been engulfed into the abstract world of The Mute Group and their album Sinister Hand

Album Title: Sinister Hand