October Drift Single Review

Track Title: Forever Whatever

  The Somerset Rock-Indie quartet of Kiran Roy, Chris Holmes, Alex Bispham, and Daniel Young are back with a new single ‘Forever Whatever’ hot off the heels of ‘Losing My Touch’ which was full of dirty raw guitar riffs and made people stand up and pay attention! At the same time of releasing this new material October Drift have proudly announced their release of an Album in January 2020 under the record label Physical Education Records.

Here at Off the Hook Music we’ve been fully aware of October Drift for some time, due to their eye catching, high energy live performances, now the lads have started to build on this firm platform and seem ready to unleash new songs aimed for a radio friendly audience.

‘Forever Whatever’ has a proper British Indie feel of free flowing guitar tones and drum beats which would find itself at home in any successful British rock band worth its salt. You are treated to a song full of interesting multiple layers that allows this record to sound extremely polished and confident.

Kiran shows off his vocal talent with a hypnotic rustic display that allows the intriguing lyrics to take you on a pleasant journey during the verses, then out of nowhere and the trademark punch of October Drift, the chorus thumps in with a loud filthy Rock statement.

“Shoestrings holds our lives together” may sound obscure but when you place these words into a October Drift song they come alive, you will find it hard pushed to find any October Drift fan that doesn’t bellow back the words to the band from the dancefloor. 

‘Forever Whatever’ is like having an extra slice of chocolate cake when no one is looking then openly admitting with a rueful grin to anyone who will listen after you’ve licked the last bits of chocolate from your fingers.

4.5 Hooks out of 5

Written By Kess Anthony

Photo Source: Ania Shrimpton Photography