no:ir single review

Track Title: Erase Me


NO:IR have returned to release their second single of the year after a positive response from their previous efforts. The confidence gained through this first release has led them to lay bare the band’s struggles with addiction and mental health. There is a comparison to be made between NO:IR and bands such as Stone Sour can be found, which is definitely a great compliment.

Erase:Me starts with haunting vocals from Sam Davies, and then transitions from the opening salvo and to warm up to the wall of sound when the rest of the band provides an earth shuddering volume from the guitars and drums at the same time the lyrics “Save me” are sang.

When listening to Erase: Me it’s quick and easy to realise that NO:IR have taken everything that was great about 90’s emo metal and added a touch of Hip-Hop which makes this band and track so current. Add the amount of layers which flow within the middle of the record and you can’t help but waiting to hear what is around the corner, which turns out to be the rip roaring finish that the song deserved.

With two fantastic singles this year, you can only hope and want for an EP to follow in the new year because NO:IR have found their sound and there’s a call for that sound to be heard!

3.5 Hooks out of 5

Written by Kess Anthony

no:ir gIG rEVIEW: 15/05/19

Venue: Moles Club, Bath


A green neon glow bathed Moles club on Wednesday night with  an excitable atmosphere that something different was coming for the night’s  music fans, with three bands showing why metal is alive and kicking in the  city!

Back in the winter months earlier this year NO:IR tore up  the stage at Metal for the Masses which blew away us at Off the Hook Music and  this was made even more impressive when you learn the band was only formed in  November 2018. We came back for a second taste of their sound as we feel there  is plenty of potential in this roaring set up of Sam Davies, George Farley, Alex Roberts, Harrison Gazzard, and Jake Gazzard, and intend to do our best to  document it. 

With the dancefloor’s lights dimmed to a near pitch  darkness the band pierced the through with their trademark neon green painted  on the band members themselves to signal the event was here, NO:IR began with  an instrumental intro of spikey guitar notes and heavy drum beats, a taster of  what was to come. 

Second track into NO:IR’s set and they unleashed ‘Modern  Day Slaves’ which engulfed the crowd with heavy bass tones and demanding head  dangling drums which battled for the supremacy over the lyrics, which are  completely absorbing when the vocal performance is switching succinctly between  screaming and rap singing. Then two songs later we had a complete change in  direction with a cover of Gorillaz’s ‘Eastwood’, NO:IR dragged this record  from its roots and poured metal all over it, creating a unique banger in it’s  own right.

There was also time for a first hearing of a new song  called ‘Placebo’ where the guitars take centre stage at the beginning setting  a calmer environment for a softer key of vocals, but as you got comfortable  with the new path NO:IR was walking down they tore out the place and stomped  back to the soaring, screaming, and rap vocals which blended well with the  heavier riffs and beats that came before. The crowd responded well with  everyone in the venue applauding this new and interesting song. 

‘Hive’ is a great record which the core fan base of the  band has come to love, it is a track which highlights the bands lyrical talent  and want to drive heavy alternative metal into the attention of any listeners  they can get their hands on. NO:IR ended the show tonight with ‘Erase me’  which is the hardest track to sing but it feels like a fitting way to end the  night, at the end of the track the excitement grew as there was one last mosh  pit on offer which delighted the band and crowd in equal measure. 

Tonight’s support acts where Lest we forget and Myst who  both put on a good display of metal in two completely different ways which  warmed up the crowd nicely for the appearance of NO:IR

Written by Kess Anthony