Nobody EP Review

EP Title: Gospel of the goat


One of the questions you will find yourself asking by the end of this EP is who is Nobody and why does this one man band identify with this title, Tuomas Kauppinen is the name behind this creation and the name is about taking back the power of the music industry and empowering people to take hold of the meaning of words.

Tuomas is an interesting man who says he has been forged in the deep dark forests in North Finland, ‘Gospel of the Goat’ is Tuomas’ musical expression of five magical spells with demonic meaning. These tracks are then laced with Nordic Folk melodies and Pre Christian sounds.

Opening the EP is ‘The Temple’ which makes you feel spellbound from the start as the folk tones spread over you, with the raw rustic vocals that provide you a quality contrast. The tempo changes in ‘The Temple’ and ‘The feathered serpent’ which are similar sounding records sometimes scream out for some more drastic tempo changes.

‘Desecrating the priests daughter’ and ‘In the arms of North’ you gain a sense of a step in a more rock style of chords which adds a darker more menacing air to the theme, by the time your half way through the EP Nobody has tempted you in and you feel ready to accept the invitation from the Satanic call of Nobody and you want to find out more

‘Ritual of flesh’ is a fitting end to the record which sees the artist take all the good in his sound and story telling and moulds them in a final offering, a statement of intent.

Nobody offers you an experience into the dark deep mystic world which Tuomas draws his influence from, if you want something which will take to new corners of your musical taste, maybe this is the answer.

3 Hooks out of 5

Written by Kess Anthony