Mighty Magic Animal EP Review

EP Title: Guts


Mighty Magic Animal are a band with a lot of history, they formed from the ashes of several bands stretching back as far as 1996. Today the Salisbury based band has two current members Rich Wort on the drums and Adam Varney on the guitar. This latest part of the Might Magic Animals story comes to you in the form of a three track EP, filled with the bands trademark elements of punk and rock with blues riffs vibrating throughout.

The opening song comes straight out of the gate at breakneck speed with forceful guitar and vocals. ‘Crave’ is a compact record which clocks in at under 2 minutes, you get the feeling that it’s the introduction the band were looking for as you get the urge to listen to the rest of the EP. The drumming is also a plus to the track as it sends a sense of coolness to the whole proceeding.

‘Spams’ follows on nicely from ‘Crave’, the driving of the guitar gives a strong layer for the vocals to come in and stamp its feet over. We at Off the Hook Music sat down together and strangely agreed that it sounds a bit like a Red Hot Chilli Peppers track louder and on steroids.

By the time the last tracks ‘Guts’ pops in, you get to appreciate that this two piece make a lot of sound, ‘Guts’ takes everything which is right about the songs before it and moulds it into one song. It is the track which appears to have the best elements in it and stands out above the tracks before it. 

You can’t help the feeling that there is more to come from this band, ‘Guts’ is a good EP with a solid and focused sound, however we were left thinking that there is an extra track needed. We would encourage the band to be bold and brave, and explore around their current sound. this might deliver the unexpected twist which builds off the good songs that they have delivered on this EP.

Written by Kess Anthony 

3 out of 5 Hooks