Meet the team: Writer Kess ANthony

Kess Anthony Playlist


These are the 5 songs which has shaped our team members life to make us want to write about great music.

Track of your childhood


Status Quo: In the army now

Status Quo was the soundtrack played all day everyday by my gran when i was a child.

Teen Track


Silverchair: Freak 

Silverchair opened my eyes to music which shocked my mind and introduced me to how a guitar should be played. 

Favorite band


Editors: Sugar

I can't explain how much i love the sound which Editors produce, i know the words to every song.

I also can't stop buying tickets to their gigs.

Guilty Pleasure


Kate Bush: Running up that hill

No other worlds than unbelievable talent.

New Sound you need to hear


October Drift: Cherry Red

I can never stop telling people how excited i am about this band, their unbelievable live and their records are fantastic.