Elucidate single review

Track Title: Panic Room


Discovering a new and exciting band is the best part of reviewing music, and today that comes in the form of the Reading based four piece, Elucidate. The air of post punk, alternative rock pours out of Caleb, Connor, Tim and Ozzy, who have been gigging to learn their trade to throw out a track displaying their own identity.

‘Panic Room’ is a song about the feeling of not making the right decision, Elucidate believe everyone has felt this at some point when the safest option is to give up rather than power through , but they wanted to write this track that represented to all the people who don’t want to give up. So the question is, should they held off to the safe option or power through with Panic Room.

‘Panic Room’ starts in a carefree manner, the vocals produce soft contemplating tones that reassures the listeners of the quality of sound that the band processes, when the chorus stamps out of the record it becomes apparent that it’s an ear grabber, with a very catchy tempo which just raises when needed.

Elucidate have managed to develop a knack for blending their layers really well and the guitar solo’s give off depth around the smooth vocal display, we love a good fade out done well at the end of a track and this record has one. For such a young band they have a great understanding of their musical identity, this track provides Elucidate a foundation to build from and proof that they were right to power through. 

3.5 Hooks out of 5

Written by Kess Anthony