Liv Cartier Single Review

Track Title: IDWY (just can’t be alone)


‘IDWY’ starts with a menacing tone and fills up with anticipation when Liv marries the sound of the opening layers with her haunting vocals, there’s a rich and rawness which spills out from Liv, there’s also a honest reflection that allows the lyrics to stick into your mind.

This is an alternative dark pop record, which has highlights of how easily this song would fit into a playlist alongside the likes of Pale Waves and Yonaka, Liv has developed a radio friendly track that has a current appeal. The switches in layers from dark pop to a thumping beats more familiar in a disco track are very interesting.

The verse has a graceful keyboard section that brings the opportunity for Liv to build up to a very catchy chorus, the chorus finds a sound that has a strong momentum of a mammoth waterfall. When you finish enjoying this record from your headphones, then you might want to watch the video which accompanies this song, so feel free to click the link.

3.5 Hooks out of 5

Written By Kess Anthony