Leathers EP Review

Title Name: Class Action


Bath and Bristol based duo, Leathers, composed of Chris Mitchard ( Vocal/Guitar) and Ed Culvert (Drums and Backing vocals) have presented their second EP ‘Class action’. Following on from their debut EP ‘Twist your blood’ this one follows the same path of fresh garage punk.

The first track on Class Action is ‘Bad Track News’ and straight off the bat your hear strong rock guitar riffs that vibrate around the room. Chris gives a vocal performance which is similar to Iggy Pop was in is youthful pomp. The drum beat provides a foundation for the track and gives the record a steady and firm introduction.

My goodness it took some time for the track ‘Gold Digger’ to get into the groove, but when it did you got a solid catchy chorus which you can easily seen chanted back at the band during a live performance.

The third track on this EP has a much different sound to the previous two songs, it is heavier and so much more purposeful. Chris and Ed have written a fantastic story through their lyrics within ‘No More’, this track also has a great sense of energy which reminds me of a Black Flag track.

By the time you get to the last track on the EP Class Action you realise there is a bit of a split personality to the record, gone are the softer tracks of the beginning and now the full roar of the heavier second side has taken control and we really like it. ‘One Track Mind’ demonstrates Leathers breaking loose and going wild and this is not a bad thing, this is a great thing!

3 Hooks out of 5

Written by Kses Anthony