Learn to Lie Single Review

Title Track: Feel


A fusion of melody and melancholy that builds into a powerful jolting chorus, ‘Feel’ by Learn to Lie is alternative rock at its best. In a genre that so rarely catches you off guard, Learn to Lie are a breath of fresh air who are more than happy to pull the rug out from you with some stilted riffs and drums that stutter mid verse. 

The song begins slowly with cleanly sung downbeat vocals sung over a melodic lead guitar line as the drums gradually creep into the song. The chorus then hits in, first feeling somewhat tentative before breaking into a nice flow as the guitars and drums are allowed to roll to simple but effective lyrics around the theme of losing feeling and a grip on reality. ‘Feel’ then breaks into its second verse which is broken up by some brilliant discordant drumming which stops the listener getting too comfortable before the chorus kicks in once more. We’re then treated to a nice extended guitar break before a toned down version of the chorus leads to a last flourish before the song gradually fades away. 

All in all ‘Feel’ is a highly interesting and enjoyable listen. It is a song cleanly presented and easily accessible but at the same time able to delve deeper into its themes and meanings in the instrumentation. It’s a song that does not just make you Feel because you are been told to but in the way it layers its sounds and  stammers its instruments to create a big clean rock song with an unsettled undertone. A top effort from Learn to Lie.

4.5 Hooks out of 5

  Written By Jimmy Rock