King Nun Gig Review

Venue: The Cavern, Exeter

Saturday night, with the wind and rain of storm Dennis is full force, gig goers were happy to take refuge in the Cavern, Exeter to see King Nun. After practicing their craft as a support act for some of Dirty Hit’s top bands, It was a step up for the band to be headlining their very own tour and is a sure sign of the confidence the label has in them.

King Nun delivered on that confidence with an excellent live performance, within two songs they had brought out ‘Chinese Medicine’, a massive track that took the party atmosphere created by their support act, The Raznor, to a near riot! The crowd in the cavern was electrified with excitement.

Theo, lead singer, announced during a break between songs that the night was a celebration of escapism, indeed it was a great distraction of grunge Rock. King Nun are full of energy and an engaging band which the crowd absorbed, the scene on stage was even more dramatic when you added the two brightly lit screens showing visual art to match the amazing sound from the stage.

The songs kept coming one after the other with no time to take a breath or for your feet to stop bouncing up and down, by the time the special track ‘Black Trees’ came out, the crowd came alive with a wave of movement in front of our eyes.

There were calmer periods within the set when some new material was tested out on the fans with an approved look on the faces from the dance floor, there was also a change in tempo when the acoustic guitar came on stage

The Razner arrived in Exeter for the first time to display their musical wares as chief support for King Nun. There was a fun carefree flair about the band and they brought the party atmosphere they were looking for, make sure you watch out for their new single released to the world last Friday.

Kingfisher did a good job for such a new band, only recently formed as a group, they threw out a set of half original tracks and half covers from bands like Arctic Monkeys.

Date: 15/02/20

Written Kess Anthony