Kasador Single Review

Track Title: High Rise


Alternative Rock band Kasador formed in 2015, since then they have been on the road gigging to develop their craft. It has been time well spent as Will Hunter, Boris Baker, Cam Wyatt, and Stephen Adubofuor have formed a free-flowing polished sound which has been maturing ever since their self-titled debut EP in 2016. The latest offering from the lads is ‘High Rise’, and we are glad that the sound waves have travelled all the way over from Ontario, Canada to our base in Somerset, England because the track is an easy enjoyable listen which would find a home on most playlists.

The intro to the track is unique with the reflection of how current the bands sound is at this present time, with purposeful rock guitar riffs and a soft confident drum beat this record has firm and well set foundations. ‘High Rise’ has a great chorus with very catchy lyrics, you will find yourself instantly singing along to the high Rise sections of the track, Will dominates the song with a smooth commanding vocal display.

Kasador produce tempo changes within the song which gives the track good layers of instrumental produced sound which back up the vocals in a very harmonics way. here is no surprise that Kasador have managed to build up a healthy number of Youtube views of this track since mid June when they released the song to the world, so the best advice we can give you after reviewing High Rise is go ahead and join the 1,600+ viewers and enjoy.

Written by Kess Anthony 

3.5 Hooks out of 5