Jade bIrd Gig Review 24/11/19

Venue: Lemon Grove, Exeter

 Amazingly a year has flown by since the last time Jade Bird graced a stage in Exeter, and for us at Off the Hook Music the gig also marked a year since our first ever gig review, which just so happened to be Jade Bird. 

The venue, the Lemon Grove, is set in the heart of Exeter university’s campus so we might have expected that the night’s fans would be nearly entirely made up from the student populus, but what is great about Jade is that her fans are a wide range of different ages and people, showing just how relatable her music is to so many people and why she is so current and popular.

Jade is a very likable character who draws you in as soon as she gets on the stage, the opening songs on the set list; ‘Uh Huh’ and ‘Good woman’ instantly got the crowd singing along and quickly built a connection with them. This gives her the opportunity to mix things up and throw in some new tracks and covers, like Debbie Harry and Radiohead, along with songs from this years successful album.

Half way through the set Jade had to laugh off a momentum stopping moment when during the track ‘Anniversary’ a string from her guitar broke, but Jade transferred to a new guitar with ease and picked up where she left off and recaptured that momentum straight away. 

Jade finished off the night with her happier tracks which the crowd absorbed with delight, then as she left the stage the crowd raised a call of “one more song” so loud that Jade could not resist to come back out on stage to provide her fans with an encore!

Written By Kess Anthony