Iskwe Single Review

Track Title: Night Danger

 In a world where manufactured pop artists rule the charts, Iskwe is like a shining beacon of well crafted talent. Hailing the outskirts of Winnipeg, Canada, she is like the musical love child of Bjork and David Bowie, jumping from genre to genre; dabbling in Electropop, Trip-Hop, R&B, and Jazz.

Her latest album, Acākosīk, is an absolute musical masterpiece right from the word go. Every song on the album is a work of art, especially my personal favourite ‘Night Danger’.

It’s quite frankly the best album I’ve listened to in a long time, words cannot describe how awesome Iskwe is! Every song she has written and released on her albums has been a cracking piece of music, and to produce albums with such a consistent quality is a rare occurrence in today's industry. 

4.5 Hooks out of 5

Written by George Rose