Hurtsfall Single Review

Track Title: Calling Out


Back in July Hurtsfall announced themselves to the musical world with their debut single ‘Lucid’. We at Off the Hook Music felt this track was a solid base from which the guys from Nottingham could grow from, now they’re back with their newest single ‘Calling out’. We were eager to find out whether this new track continued down the exciting direction their first offering suggested or if they have hit a flat note second time around.

Straight out the gate you notice Hurtsfall have diversity in their sound, ‘Lucid’s Post-Punk sound has faded and made way to the sound of a ballad, which the band has described as the lushness of clinging onto the last days of summers past. The band has made a statement and challenge for themselves with ‘Calling out’ as the track cuts out at 7 minutes and 8 seconds, this isn’t a concern though because the momentum and rhythm of this track holds strong all the way through. It’s a track you can lose yourself in when holding your partner close and we all know the longer the track the better for those moments.

‘Calling out’ paints a picture of a dreamy consciousness which the wonderful David Bowie managed so easily, with the layers and nicely blended keyboard and drums, you find the track resembles a piece of art which I’m sure Bowie would have been happy to have on his set list. It’s clear that Hurtsfall have established their sound and their are confident that they can show that they have shed loads of interesting sounds still to come out of a band that only formed in 2017.

3 Hooks out of 5

Written by Kess Anthony