Garbage Queen Single Review

Track Title: Reflection

The artist who embodies Garbage Queen is Eva Monica, the noticeable insight you get straight away is the fact Eva delves deep in the character she has created and the music which pours out when she is Garbage Queen.

Eva is classically trained in a number of instruments, that allows a wide ranging amount of sounds to develop within her expression. There flashes of Post Punk and Theatrical Rock in this track reflection, so fans of artists like Bat for Lashes and PJ Harvey may find another artist to get behind with Garbage Queen.

‘Reflection’ is a record which tackles themes of abuse within a toxic relationship, every emotion will be stored and explored during this song. When the start of this track begins, a mammoth sound explodes out, it reminds you of the days of the 1970’s punk movement when bands would make a statement from the very first beat.

‘Reflection’ is haunting, strong, and raw, but at the same time the dramatic vocals absorb you with intrigue of a magical spell. The layers within ‘Reflection' are like a flowing river with lots of twists and turns. But the highlight is the chorus where the lyrics burst out around a huge amount of instrumental sound.

If you want to widen your musical palate then Garbage Queen has served a course you will enjoy.

3.5 Hooks out of 5

Written by Kess Anthony