Funeral Lakes Single Review

Track Title: Forest Burns


Funeral Lakes, the duo of Chris and Sam, are partners in life and in their musical adventures. Formed in the spring of 2018 they have wasted no time in focusing their musical talents to release this single, ‘Forest Burns’ and are due to follow it up with a debut album later this year.

Recorded and produced themselves from their apartment in Vancouver, Canada, project has focused on expressing their disheartenment for millennial issues, such as climate change, and the lack of action from the Canadian government.

Listening to this track you are instantly absorbed by the fear and frustration which pours out, you begin to sense that this is a protest song trying to open people’s eyes to the concerns behind the lyrics. Their time on the streets protesting their opposition to the TMX pipeline has led to how Funeral Lakes present their sound.

The opening of this track has a haunting guitar beat that is ominous and dark, the tempo is steady throughout the song but it blends nicely with the meaningful lyrics. The highlight in the record is when the keyboard notes radiates out of the background and provides an extra layer to the song.

This is a great protest song which makes you sit up, take notice, and be aware of the issues around us that we don’t always have the time for us to focus on. But as well as that it is a musical treat that has just enough to pull away from it’s identity and be placed as a song you can sit down and listen to in a meaningful moment of reflection.

3.5 Hooks out of 5

Written By Kess Anthony