Pilton Party Review


Memories of an unforgettable Glastonbury festival came flooding back when I walked back on the very same fields for the annual Pilton Party. The event is designed as a celebration for the local residents who took part in the festival, and I was very happy to be one of them! The evening had four acts in store, three of which were known and one surprise was set to reveal themselves before headliners Wolf Alice. The night felt like a mini version of the main event with the big stage, many refreshment stalls, and plenty of flashy jackets and sparkly neon lights. There was also a minor miracle as the storm clouds passed the village of Pilton before the music began.

First to the stage were Pattern Pusher in their colourful outfits and with a fun loving attitude which was the right mix to start the gig. The crowd which was a good size that gathered early jump straight into the quirky synth-dance based sound. A product of the successful Pilton Stage competition meant that the Pattern Pusher had a sizable amount of fans singing along to their records which gained them a spot on the stage tonight.

The Winner of this year’s competition arrived next with a sense of confidence which radiates out of their songs, Sam Richardson & The Renegades have raw talent that will only evolve into something fantastic but that doesn’t by no means mean that their sound isn’t polished and established already. Hailing from the beautiful county of Cornwall and celebrated that fact on stage tonight and why not! They provided blasts of strong soaring rock instrumentals which blended nicely with Sam’s rustic vocals which stamped it’s authority over tracks like ‘Up all Night’ and ‘Love is a wild thing’.

The big surprise of the night who Michael Eavis had the honour to unveil was the return of Super stars Supergrass who have reunited for their 25th year anniversary. Gaz couldn’t hide his smile when he walked on stage and looked across the field to see 8,000 people cheering away as the band walked on stage. Sugergrass didn’t disappoint, getting back on the horse after a long time away from their instruments it felt like they had been away at all. The band members looked refreshed energised and ready to rock all over again. Pandemonium descended when ‘Pumping on your stereo’ and ‘Alright’ engulfed the crowd, they are back and they are well worth going to see in any future gig. This band might be 25 years into their career but their nowhere near the end if tonight’s performance is to go by.

Then the headliners, Wolf Alice appeared with a backdrop of deep moody colour surrounding black tree images, the crowd seemed to magically conjure younger fans and the atmosphere was bubbling with anticipation. Wolf Alice delivered and delivered with style with their heavier guitar riffs ripping through the evening and pitch perfect meaningful lyrics trumping the soil under your feet. Wolf Alice were fantastic tonight and that is more credit to them having to arrive on stage after Supergrass, they stole the show tonight with their own brand of dark alternative rock which sent the crowd into multiples of mosh pits and a number of friends heavying their lightest mate on their shoulders for a better look at a band in complete control of their sound and crowd. It will take a long time for any band to overtake the enjoyment of watching Wolf Alice in full flow during the tracks like ‘Don’t delete the kisses’ and ‘Beautifully Unconventional’.

Written By Kess Anthony 



Glastonbury Festival: Saturday 29th


 Off the Hook Music Highlights of Glastonbury Festival Thursday 27th June 2019  

Left Field Debates


Glastonbury isn't just about music, for a full experience you need to walk around and you will find activities you will love. Today for us at Off the Hook Music it was to be present during 2 debate one on Brexit the other on climate change it was wonderful to see debate conducted with no shout over each other well done everyone involved. 

SWMRS at William Green


Energy, excitement and a band determined to make a statement on your mind is exactly what SWMRS managed during their set at William Green yesterday. 

Festival clothes and fashion!!


Would you ever wear what you wear at Glastonbury at any other point in your life, many not but we love the colour, the uniqueness, the fantastic designs and everything else which is worn during the week.

The Blinders at Left Field


This band is made for festivals, the sound is confrontational, the energy infectious to the festival goers , big guitar and drums are so loud you are engulf in the glorious sound. Keep it up lads its great.  

Shame at William Green


We have no Shame in saying we love this band at Off the Hook Music and with lots of new music from Shame tonight we felt this was a treat of a set that will live in our memory for a long time.


Glastonbury Festival: Friday 28th


 Off the Hook Music Highlights of Glastonbury Festival Thursday 27th June 2019 

Gini Cameron drumming style (Pip Blom)


Pip Blom opened the John Peel stage yesterday and they opened it with a bang, fantastic performance. But the highlight had to be Gini Cameron's drumming style she is amazing with a flair that hypnotizes the crowd.

BBC Introducing Stage guest performers


The excitement that surrounds the every morning guessing of who the guest performers will be late in the day at BBC Introducing, the excitement always is rewarded when a massive stage graces the BBC Introducing stage. 

Yellow Days at William Green


Yellow days were great at William Green entertaining  a good sized crowd bring a little bit of joy with the wonderful sunshine from outside of the tent.

Idles at The Park


If there was ever a better time for people to give a message of hope, gratitude to our fellow humans some call them foreigners, the importance of the NHS and the need for openly talking about mental health and addiction then I don't know when better will be. But the beauty of the Idles is the way they deliver this message through a identifiable emotion which everyone can understand, as the language is in context with what we can all feel during our lives. So thank you 

The faces of the crowd leaving Idles knowing they have had a moment they will never forget


This is why Glastonbury Festival is so beautiful, when you leave a stage having a moment to remember for the rest of your life and seeing the faces of so many fellow festival goers how have experienced the same moment. 

Festival HIGHLIGHT: Glastonbury Festival on Thursday 2019

Glastonbury Festival: Thursday 27th


Off the Hook Music Highlights of Glastonbury Festival Thursday 27th June 2019

Entry into the Site


Walking up to the top of the Glastonbury Festival site and looking down on all the magnificent surroundings is aw-inspiring then you realise this is just the beginning of the week. 

Vrillon performance at the Rabbit Hole


Vrillon brought their Grunge Rock to Glastonbury Festival and delivered a banging performance which the festival goers will remember all weekend. 

Bridges performance at The Bimble Inn


Bridges had a packed venue in The Bimble Inn and they had even more spilling out of the tent leaning their heads in to watch the amazing music blazing out of the tent.

The Extinction Rebellion Parade


Time is running out to save the plant and it was so heart warming to see so many people joining and walking along with the Extinction Rebellion to make the statement REBEL FOR LIFE.  

Ferris and Sylvester performance at Summerville


Ferris and Sylvester had a massive crowd for the Summerville stage, it was great be present during Ferris and Sylvester's first ever gig at Glastonbury Festival and they rocked it and Archie couldn't hold back his excitement by jumping off the stage to delight with his guitar playing.