Fade Awaays Single Review

Track Title: As They Do


Following up from their Debut EP ‘Taste of Life’ in January 2019, Fade Awaays have delivered new material in the shape of ‘As They Do’, The band has used their experience of touring Canada to spin new character to their sound, where you can really gain a sense of their high energy live performances.

The first impression you get from this Toronto based band is the Brit Pop influence which runs through the veins of this record, the lads have a polished sound that blends well together which matches the clinical music style of all those amazing Brit Pop bands which Fade Awaays are successfully filling the shoes of in 2019.

‘As They Do’ as a record starts with a purposeful drum beat from Owen Wolff which sets the tone for Reid MacMaster, Sean Hacki, and Duncan Briggs. to invade the song with their mutable clean and smooth guitar notes and riffs.

The highlight of this track is a massively catchy chorus which allows the lyrics of ‘As They Do’ to hit you with real momentum, Reid manages to provide rough vocals with of energy to reach out of the song. The high speed tempo of this record allows us to feel the track is a complete Alternative Rock song with good dynamic for listeners to enjoy.

3.5 Hooks out of 5

Written by Kess Anthony