Empty Friend Single Review

Track Title: Falter


Empty Friend took their time to form and develop their sound with a few changes in their line up before the release their debut EP ‘Saltwater’ back in July 2018, 3 years after their original formation, but there has been no long wait this time around as Empty Friend deliver new material in the shape of this single ‘Falter’, and the promise of an EP to follow shortly after.

Empty Friend are a grunge/heavy rock band coming out of London where there is always a buzzing and competitive live music scene. The band have followed a path which draws influence from the bands that originally inspired them to make their own music, so can Empty Friend live up to the massive bangers from bands like Soundgarden and Queens of the Stone Age or do they fall flat of that note?

Almost instantly this question is answered and you are assured that this band isn’t going to deliver a flat note; ‘Falter’ has dark, heavy, and imposing riffs which shake the floor below your feet. There are two personal highlights this gem of a track for me; great layers which provide level changes that radiate energy, and Dave’s vocals performance that has a haunting tone similar to that of Corey Taylor’s sound in the band Stone Sour.

‘Falter’ is a menacing track which is perfect to put on after a hard day and to thrash your anger out in a very productive manner, with all the excitement this track caused in the Off the Hook Music office we look forward to material which will support ‘Falter’ in the upcoming EP.

4 Hooks out of 5

Written by Kess Anthony

Photo source: @czldzl