The Drew Thomson Foundation Album Review

Release Date: September 6th 2019


The first thing that becomes apparent when getting to know Drew Thomson and his music is that he has an extremely interesting back story and the great thing is this interest is reflected in his album, The drew foundation. Drew is the founder and frontman of the Single Mothers and after a period of self-reflection, Drew has teamed up with producer Alex Newport to create his debut album which he has partnered up with a number of friends and fellow artists to make an album which truly represents his story. Drew has stated that from his self-reflection he has written personal tracks about his new found sobriety, the death of a loved one, and pushing away people who he wanted to keep close. So it’s time to delve deep into this collect of musical reflection.

At the start of this album you get a sense of Drew’s self with tracks like ‘Karma’ and ‘Stay’ both have confronting lyrics with fast playing instruments which provides an energy around the words, ‘Karma’ is guitar driven which gets into your veins and hits you with a great tempo and this is a perfect way to start a debut album.

Drew’s lyrics and vocal performance continue to take centre stage in the song ‘Pace yourself’ which hits you with a massive punch of the journey Drew has been on to reach this point of his life, what is even better is the chorus is massively catchy to sing along too. Halfway through the album and you stumble on ‘A little More Time’, this is a naughty treat with dirty guitar riffs and notes bouncing off the ground.

The longest track of the album by some distance is ‘Low’ but that doesn’t mean the tempo of the album is lost in anyway, you get a real sense of flickers of the band Green Day in this track which is never a bad thing. A change in style comes in the shape of ‘L.A Lately’ which shows diversity within Drew’s locker, strong chords radiate from the record which would easily find a home within LA club nights.

Again a total surprise comes nearing the end of the album with ‘People are pets’, completely laid bare and raw with the piano grabbing hold of the song and drawing an end to the first instalment of Drew’s debut solo career. If you want guitar driven songs with an artist willing to wear his heart on his sleeve matched by his honest lyrics then this is the album for you.

3.5 Hooks out of 5

Written By Kess Anthony