Down Not Out EP Review: Worse for Wear

Release Date;15th November 2019


Cheltenham based band, Down Not out, have thrown their debut EP, ‘Worse for wear’ out into the world. This big jump can be a nervous time for a band but with the support of their record label, Scream Lite records, they have not hesitated in showing off what they have got! The band draws influence from a variety of different genres but the most prevalent in this EP could be described as pop punk, which makes it’s very current in the music market. They spent time at Sound Shack studios in their hometown of Cheltenham with Gregory Wilson-Copp who produced, mixed, and mastered the ‘Worse for wear’ record.

The first song on the EP is ‘Arm Wrestling’, straight out of the gate you are hit with spiky guitar vibes and you prep yourself for a punky tune. Then the vocals in this track hint of a American style which adds a layer of interest, before you are grabbed by a big finish. This is a great start to an opening EP for any band.

Dirty heavy bass notes boom during ‘Wild’, provide a truly earthy foundation which blends so fittingly with the lyrics and vocals. By the end of the track it is clear this is Down not out’s post punk statement.

It is always important for the title track of a record to stand out amongst the rest, after a bit of warming up those wheels start speeding faster and simply by the end of the record your convinced this is the best track on the EP.

‘Ghosting’ is slowed down by the band and shows that Down not out have diversity within their talents and ability to switch between genres, ‘Ghosting’ is simply a good old fashion emo indie song which would fit on any Spotify playlists full of emo rock.

The last track on the EP ‘Unsure times’ leaves an impression, it is loud and full of energy, this record is the strongest and most layered track and you get the feeling that Down not out have been on a journey and they have found their own sound within this last track.

3 Hooks out of 5

Written By Kess Anthony