Dinky Album Rev

Title name: Open L


Based in the West Midlands, Dinky are a four piece alternative indie band, who have already had plenty of air time with tracks plastered all over platforms like BBC Introduction, Kerrang, and Free Radio. They have also spent years on the live circuit around the MidLands, London, and Ireland which has allowed them to develop their sound and polish their records for this EP ‘Open Letters’.

The album starts with an intriguing story spelling out of the lyrics of The Romance of Murder, with smooth indie tones radiating out of the instruments that is polished off nicely by the drum beats of Aaron Wilkes. This is a steady start to the album that shows promise for the following songs.

Dinky shows their ability to change up and show diversity with the tracks ‘Magnetic Field’ and ‘More than I was before’, the sounds in these tracks show how important it is for bands to go on the road and learn your trade properly. The piano layers in ‘Magnetic Field’ are a delight and shows there are multiple tools in their locker.

Dinky goes back to their bread and butter with the record ‘Tonight’ meaty guitar riffs by Gavin Medza and Adam Hollyhead followed up by the dark notes from the bass of Wayne Moseley. You hear flairs of country rock, with the catchy lyrics this is a very solid track on the album. 

‘Oxygen’ was momentous, full of top notch layers of sound which vibrate through your body. We’re glad here at Off the Hook Music that the band decided to elongate this track compared to every other song on the album, at over 5 minutes you do not want this stormer to ever stop.

Dinky showed where their talents lie and they should concentrate on developing this sound further. Like in the track ‘Overrated’, the darker heavier sounds thump out giving a heartbeat to the album. Even though the slower tracks show a different level and the full skillset Dinky are able to employ, there is no denying that the next record should be braver, so we can rock out to the heavier tones of the indie rock we all love!

3 Hooks out of 5

Written by Kess Anthony