Cuffs Single Review

Track Title: Scandals and Vandals


Cuffs have changed their focus at the start of 2020 with the decision to release new material instead of the relentless gigging which the band did in 2019, but don’t fear if you enjoy what you hear from this new single then you are going to be able to catch Cuffs on the road again promoting and gigging this new song with live shows in towns and cities near you as they branch out of the south west to play their music. This is a follow up single to the debut record ‘Bones’ which has amassed over 1,000 listens on Spotify already and the band will hope for similar results with ‘Scandals and Vandals’.

‘Scandals and Vandals’ is riddled with frustrations of how the UK government uses religion to justify it’s oppression towards the working class in our society, Bristol might have been where these insights of this frustration has come from where the band formed during their time as students in the city.

When you first listen to this track you can feel this band can easily find a place within the emerging post punk scene within the UK. The track starts with a menacing beat that evolves and bleeds well into the voices which gives the beginning of the record a gritty strength, the lyrics take centre stage in the song and makes everyone stand up and become aware of the content and message the band is throwing out there.

There is part of this record where the layers of sound completely change and the hard rock tones rip a new life into the track and the beat forces you to drive along with it, there could be a argument that this track would be puncher if it was a bit short than five minutes but a small observation like this isn’t going to stop the enjoyment you receive when you hear the song in full.

3.5 Hooks out 5

Written by Kess Anthony