Crooked Little Sons single review

Track Title: Snake

  Crooked Little Sons have followed up their smashing single ‘Noosepaper’ which caused a number of people to stand up and take notice of this emerging band from Devon. This new track continues to follow the direction the band have been heading and establishes the type of sound that has made them an exciting band for the future.

At this current time the music world is experiencing a massive wave of Post Punk, with it’s dominating bass notes and with lyrics that are confrontational but need to be heard. Crooked Little Sons have picked up their surfboards and challenged this wave with there own brand of old school punk which can not and should not be forgotten.

Crooked Little Sons have a purer old school guitar driven punk with lyrics that come out of nowhere to slap you in the face. ‘Snake’ is fast, energetic, and a short shot of adrenaline that lasts for under 2 minutes 30. It’s always great when a band gets right down to business from the first note to the last, leaving you without a chance to take a breath.

The track has punchy guitars that engulf the song, punk is done right when the listener can pick up the chant of the record and gives you the opportunity to blare it back to the band, ‘Snake’ is aggressive with a great trashing hyper tempo. If you like bands like The Stooges, Sonic Youth, and New York Dolls, this is a band for you. Crooked Little Sons don’t need to bite their nails as we can say this track is a banger and deserves it 4 out of 5 Hooks.

Written by Kess Anthony 

4 out of 5 Hooks