Citrus Heights Single Review

Track Title: Weekend


Citrus Heights have given us a glimpse into the genre of Groove pop/Hip Hop with this single, ‘Weekend’. Their formula has been successful with their previous two singles ‘Vanilla' and 'Self-Obsession’ which has had air time on primetime platforms of ITV's ‘This Morning’ and on the BBC.

Citrus Heights are a fresh new band hailing from the outskirts of Leeds. Heavily influenced by Michael Jackson and Prince, their music, in my opinion, draws a combination of Bruno Mars, Madness, and Stevie Wonder which can’t be a bad thing! This track has a steady and interesting beat which allows the track to flow smoothly, while the vocals to transport you into a party atmosphere, that you can imagine would be a big hit in the clubs.

I wouldn’t exactly call the band a Hip-Hop group. Hip-Hop in my opinion is the likes of the Wu-Tang Clan and LL Cool J. Citrus Heights is more BubbleGum Pop with their own style and identity. They have a quite a bit of potential, and they come across as a band who just want to have fun with their sound and we’re more than happy to sign up to this sound!

3 Hooks out of 5

Written By George Rose