Brave Ones EP Review

EP Title: Generation Disorder


The Somerset band Brave Ones have been extremely busy since forming in 2017, they have firmly become an established part of the local music community and gigging scene which has started to sprout brightly in the South West area. Now the Brave Ones have built up a strong following of fans with the high energy and forceful tempo of their live act, they’re ready to stake their claim for a place in the British Hard Rock Scene with the debut EP ‘Generation Disorder’.

The first track ‘Revulsion’ is a confrontation as shocking as two Lions positioning themselves to be the alpha male of the family which ripples all around you, fast paced hard rock with the guitar dominating behind a steady drum beat by Michael Welsh. You can’t help but get a flash of Papa Roach in their early greatness about the vibe and construction of the track Revulsion.

Throughout the EP the lyrics throw out expressions of darkness and a conflicting voice of Charlie Roberts reaching out for clarity, Brave Ones have a solid song writing ability which blends the vocal singing so strongly with the rapping that paints the emotion of the record so boldly.

‘Suck Bang Blow’ is the marmite of the record you are either going to love it or hate it, more rock pop than hard rock which can be placed nicely on an indie radio playlist. ‘Suck Bang Blow’ shows that Brave Ones are not a one size fits all band and they have diversity in their creative process, don’t feel bad about falling into the trap set by the band you will quickly chant the chorus out after only the first listen.

Back to what your just to hearing from the Brave Ones when ‘Lion Heart’ arrives on the record, menacing rock clouds that haunted musical forest with electric full on tempo and no time for you to get a rest to find your way out. This track shows the bands true identity and you can only but suggest to them that they embrace this path.

‘The Abyss’ is a refreshing, short and perfectly placed end to the EP, there’s a glimpse of where the Brave Ones may wonder towards when embarking on their next record.

4 Hooks out of 5

Written by Jimmy Rock