Blink 182 Single Review

Track Title: Pin the Grenade


We hate it when a band that you loved in the past have lost the ingredients that made them special and over time have gone stale, then it’s made worse when they slap a bit of icing on that cake and present it as shiny and new, just like you remembered it in the good old days. No it can’t be done because underneath is a hollow imitation of what went before. Blink 182 new single ‘Pin the Genade’ is just that!

It is just lacking in all departments, it screams we’re missing Tom DeLonge with a plea of stop chasing aliens, we need you to form the vocal contrasts with Mark Hoppus tones which made Blink 182 so complying in their hay day. 

It’s feels like Travis doesn’t want to take part in this record, gone is the momentous high speed drum beats that made this man his name, now Blink 182 has replaced this winning mixture with a steady mundane layer of drumming which settles in its place in the background.

Then the lyrics which were once fun, cheeky, and well thought through words, that are identifiable to millions have just simply gone. ‘Pin the Grenade’ just feels that it could have been written by any Indie Pop band out there and not a recognisable Blink 182 record which stomped over every other song in your playlist. 

So it’s time to make a stand, we’re not playing anymore Blink 182 till Tom’s back because the magic that the three of Tom, Mark and Travis made before doesn’t deserve to be trashed like this.

1 Hook out of 5

Written by Kess Anthony