Annabel Allum Gig Review: Thursday 26th September

Venue: Moles Club, Bath


On this September evening Annabel and her band rolled into the City of Bath to play live for the first time at Moles Club, when breaking ground in a new place it’s important to be at the top of your game and deliver a performance which will have the crowd wanting the artist to tour in their area again, by god did Annabel achieve that with plenty left over tonight.

When Annabel strolled on stage you knew she meant business dressed in a boiler suit and a guitar slung around over shoulder, Annabel radiates a likeable personality which draws you into her music and forms an investment of hope and expectation when listening to her live.

By the time ‘Sofa Song’ the second track of the night’s set list arrived you had an awareness that Annabel and the rest of her band (Emma Hiley, Liam Corneloues and Charlie McWilliams) have a real special relationship that just love to be on stage in front of people playing music which expresses their personalities, all members of the band produced a polished performance and blended well together as a unit. We even got an extra treat of a jamming session whilst Charlie made some impromptu repair to his guitar.

Annabel has a rustic, honest, and pure voice and presents equally honest lyrics that conjures a story in front of you wrapped in a guitar driven musical background. You just have to listen to ‘Alter to Alter’ for a minute performed live to get an understanding of how impressive that skill is. You also have got to love listening to ‘Eat my Greens’ which paints a picture that tries to justify indulging in too much drinking as long as you eat your vegetables, we’re so glad this track made it onto tonight’s set list.

The venue was totally focused on Annabel when she sung ‘Rascal’, with her fellow band members leaving the stage to sit on the steps watching on as Annabel handed the listeners an intimate and absorbing music moment. We appreciate the braveness of artist to stand on the stage by themselves singing a song knowing everyone’s eyes are pinned onto you, during the track Annabel also thumps out a hell of a note and held it there firmly till she was ready to let it go.

At the end of the set Annabel pushed out the confrontational ‘Rich backgrounds’ exploring the problems with rich kids buying themselves into the music industry, this track clearly kicks their asses and proves why for us here at Off the Hook Music Annabel Allum has become a bit of a cult hero.

Supporting tonight was Pompadour with a good old fashioned guitar driven sound that means to be loud and proud, the drumming from the band’s past single release ‘Violet’ needs to be seen high speed and forceful which is perfectly balanced from the vocals and the sound of the title tracks name Violet boomed out. This Band is powerful and raw when they get going and with tracks like ‘Liquorice’ there a band to watch out for in the future.

Opening the proceedings tonight was Elizabeth Pickering who displayed smooth and clean vocals which entertained the people who made the trip to the Moles Club early so early we even caught a bit of Elizabeth’s end of her sound check, all sounded good to us. The highlight came in her set when the northern tone of Elizabeth’s voice roared out whilst singing her new single Shame.

Written By Kess Anthony