Alex Ohm Single Review

Track Title: Going Nowhere Fast

Alex Ohm has made everyone wait 18 months since his last single, arguably this can put pressure on an artist when releasing new material especially as Alex’s last piece of work ‘Fractures’ was a highlight of 2018.

During the gap between new material Alex, the singer songwriter from the midlands has been out gigging at every opportunity, listening to his new track ‘Going Nowhere Fast’ you get the sense that Alex has crafted and matured his vocals which has polished the rustic tones of his voice.

Like the clearing of a morning sky the opening to this track has been open and honest, your startled to an awakening by the lyrics and with this steady beat of the drums gives this track a healthy foundation.

Alex vocals breathes life into his verses, this allows him to tell his meaningful story throughout the record. The sound of this song has become bigger by adding layers to his previous tracks as he has invited his friends to lend their instruments and musical talents.

Overall this track is rockier than the past from Alex and the edge that this new sound has given Alex is only a positive. After listening to this new song you hope that Alex doesn’t make us wait as long before his next instalment of his musical journey.

4 Hooks out of 5

Written by Kess Anthony


Alex Ohm Gig Review

Venue: The Apple Tree ( The Lambrettas Bar )


The best way to start a weekend is with an evening of music, what made this evening even better is the fact that we had the opportunity to support a new independent venue. The Apple Tree also known as The Lambrettas Bar is at the beginning of it’s journey to becoming a respected independent venue in the South West music, one where you will be guaranteed a night of amazing music. Tonight the bar welcomed a well-known artist to us at Off the Hook Music in the form of Alex Ohm, who we’ve been waiting to watch for some time.

Alex was the sole act on show tonight but that didn’t mean a lack of entertainment as he played all night long, performing two sessions with a half an hour gap during the set. Alex set the mood with an array of original material which highlighted the rustic and polished vocals he possesses. He followed up his own material which showed off his song writing skills with cover songs which lit up the dance floor, especially for two enthusiastic ladies who must have worn through the soles of their shoes in the process of enjoying songs like ‘Oh sit down’, which they refused to do.

Steve joined Alex mid-way through the first set and he brought his electric guitar which provided a nice contrast and gave added layers to the songs Alex was playing. The way the acoustic guitar blended with the electric guitar was a marriage in musical heaven, you had the honest raw performance from Alex’s vocal and the guitar with a pinch of spice that lit up your ears from the electric notes.

If you want an atmosphere which is fun and full of friendship The Apple Tree is a place you need to put on your venue list and Alex delivered on the promise we had of this smooth singer songwriter.

Date: Friday 1st November 2019

Written by Kess Anthony