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Neverlanded EP Review: F.u.U



When the EP Fluffy Unicorn United landed on our desk at Off the Hook Music, we got an excitable shot of 90’s grunge sound which we remember so well. The problem for most bands is to be able to make this genre current and not a tribute to legendary bands of the past, so let’s meet the next contender and the EP which could light the fire which still lives on in grunge.

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Artist Playlist: Alex Ohm



 Off The Hook Music challenged Alex Ohm a fantastic singer songwriter to share with us his 5 must listen to tracks and we have put them in a playlist for you so enjoy. 

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Drawn Together Gig Review



 The Drawn Together tour is the brainchild of HAVVK which aims to give new and established female and non-binary artists a platform to be seen, and more importantly heard. Tonight we had three gems of performers delivering different sounds but entertaining in equal measures.  

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Stolen Dead Music EP Review: Penny Drop


      Emerging proudly from the city of Newcastle, we have a four  piece alternative rock band which promises to deliver strong, rich, and sweet  tasting music. Stolen Dead Music formed in 2017 and they have been busy  developing their indie rock sound around the music which originally inspired  them to pick up their instruments and then evolve to make their own mark on  the music arena. Now Jimi, Aidan, Lewis and Issak, are ready to prove their  worth with the 3 track EP ‘Penny Drop’.

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Red Rum Club Gig Review: Moles Club


  On a gloriously sunny Tuesday evening Red Rum Club tempted  music fans down into the dark basement dancefloor of Moles club, Bath to  listen to their unique brand of alternative rock. The first thing you notice  with Red Rum Club is the sheer volume and pace that they play, it is a  wonderful sight to see a six piece set up with the added flavour of a trumpet. 

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